In 1983 after two years of careful research and planning Andrew Loftus, applying all the principles on which his parents had established the business, switched the manufacturing base from Switzerland to Japan and in the following three years Accurist’s UK business increased by over 500%.

Flushed with the success of the new collection, Accurist achieved a major marketing breakthrough by being appointed as the first ever official sponsor of British Telecom’s Speaking Clock. Since the original sponsorship agreement in 1986 Accurist’s speaking clock has received almost 3 billion calls making it the “greatest sponsorship deal of all time”. Accurist continued to maximise its association with the Speaking Clock, developing a new advertising and marketing campaign with the slogan “Accurist – the standard by which all watches are set”. In 1987 Accurist was awarded The National Association of Goldsmiths first ever Award of Excellence, in recognition of its contribution and influence in the UK watch market.