At Accurist we offer our customers a whole suite of services – from battery changes, restoring and re-waterproofing – that will get your watch ticking again.

Time Products (parent company of Accurist), provides an outstanding technical support for its customers through its incomparable repairs and services department. In this extraordinary department, the team of expert technicians casts a knowledgeable eye over everything that goes on. Hundreds of thousands of spare parts are stored here and almost every part is labelled with its own unique number (watch number, calibre number and part number).

The dedicated team take phone calls and requests for spare parts, repairs and advice from anyone, whether they are a long-term retail partner or simply a member of the public. In January, a huge number of orders is taken and this particular month is always very busy as it comes just after the gifting period.

However, if there is any team that can cope with such a huge amount of work then it is this one. The team has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of what parts come from which watch, all the more remarkable when you consider just how many different models Time Products, as a company, has produced over the years.

The mantra is simple and clear and is evident in every call or email received – ‘the customer is always right’. Time Products prides itself on providing technical service that is second to none and everything is in place to ensure that this remains the case long into the future.

For any technical queries please contact +44 (0) 116 288 2500 or email