Becoming part of the Time Products Family has helped Accurist regain its excellent standards of quality control and after sales service. Time Products has a smooth and efficient operation for taking a watch that has just arrived to being ready for despatch, that’s been used for decades.

After every box that comes through the door is unpacked and every watch is checked thoroughly, some of the watches are taken through for the crucial stage of quality control. The quality control team pick a maximum of 32 watches of each model from different trays, to ensure that the testing is done at random.

To retain high quality standards, the watches go through a number of rigorous tests – from tensile strength testing on straps and bracelets to a water resistance test. A static load test is also done, where the watches with mineral crystals are subjected to a single impact test, using a steel ball dropped from a height of one metre.

After this, the final check is done by hand, which involves checking every watch for any visible blemishes or damage that may not have been picked up by earlier tests.

This process will have already taken place with an original batch of ten technical samples of each model that comes through from the manufacturers. All suppliers have their own copy of Time Product’s strict quality control guidelines. This standard is known as the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL). If any of the tests are failed or any of the standards not met, the watch will not go to market.

Accurist takes pride in providing the best technical service in the industry and ensures everything is in place to deliver quality products every time.