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Latest Men’s Watch Statement Trends

Watches are more than just a means to tell the time. A good watch has become a statement piece and a way of accessorising and expressing your personality. Every watch is unique, with the strap and the face creating different styles and a suitability for different occasions. If you have more than one pair of shoes, why would you limit yourself to just one watch?

With many celebrity timepiece lovers around the world, there becomes plenty of interest in the renewal of trendy and classic watches. After all, a good watch with exceptional quality and style can be a big investment if you’re searching for a long-lasting timepiece that can be worn on a regular basis.

At Accurist, our watches are focused on forever style. We’ve adapted this style to incorporate current watch trends in a stylish and sophisticated way, so that your chic timepiece  can continue to be worn in years to come.

To help you move with the times, we have listed some of men’s watch trends for you to tap into. The latest trends in men’s watches present a diverse range of essential wrist attire.


When the Pantone Colour of the Year is announced every December, the colour becomes a growing trend in the following year. The Pantone Colour of the Year influences marketing trends and dominates the fashion industry. As a watch manufacturer, Accurist has introduced timepieces with a nod to the 2020 colour, Classic Blue.

To honour this trend, our Signature Men’s Classic Watch  redefines British craftsmanship and style by incorporating a striking classic blue sunray dial with the date display situated in an aperture at 3 o’clock, so that you’re always in the know.

With 100 meter water resistance, the watch is practical for everyday wear and has a classic solid stainless steel bracelet for style and durability. The Signature collection offers exceptional quality classic timepieces with ultra-scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass and high-specification bracelets at great prices.


Whilst we live in a revolution of sustainability, it’s crucial to try and implement this in everyday life. With sustainable choices dominating the fashion industry, timepieces that steer away from traditional battery operating mechanisms are proving popular.

Our solar powered mens watch transfers light into energy and boasts solar movement with an incredible 120 day power reserve and rechargeable cells, meaning that no battery is required. This solar watch incorporates style and innovative technology to create an essential modern timeless piece for everyday use.

The watch features an on-trend navy blue padded leather strap, incorporating darker shades of the 2020 Pantone Colour. It encompasses modern style and innovative technology with its polished rose-gold stainless steel case.


Men’s gold-plated watches have a timeless appeal that never seems to go out of style. With gold watches often being thought of as luxury and costly, they have usually been saved for use on special occasions.

If you’re looking for a classic men’s gold watch, our Retro Inspired Watch is designed with style, elegance and practicality in mind with a nod to the retro trend with a medium watch face. This Accurist men’s retro inspired timepiece is expertly designed and crafted for the bold and style conscious, whilst remaining extremely affordable and adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

With a durable solid stainless steel and brick-linked bracelet, our gold-plated retro watch is expertly crafted with an eye-catching green dial and striking gold batons.


Over recent years, we’ve seen a rise in retro fashion across Britain with men’s leather watches beginning to come back into style. With our strong British heritage, the trend of the retro return has been the key to the inspiration behind some of our classic men’s watches.

If you’re searching for the perfect retro vintage watch, look no further than our Men’s Retro Inspired Watch which blends modern features with old school nostalgia. Designed with a flattering brown full leather strap, the watch is a classic retro timepiece that pays homage to the 1950’s/1960’s with its bold style, design and quality.

The watch is designed with an eye-catching rose gold-plated case which encloses a silver-white dial with rose batons applied. Our 7336 watch is extremely practical, with a day/date display and water resistance of up to 50 metres.


The sports luxe style is also unlikely to slow down this year, with sports detailing continuing to hit the fashion runways for Autumn/Winter 2020. Classic diving watches are still proving to be popular this year for those wanting a sporty lifestyle.

If diving is your lifestyle, you shouldn’t need to compromise on finding a practical watch without style or elegance. Our Divers Style Watch oozes stealth, durability and class, with its solid stainless steel case with a striking blue and red rotating bezel.

The ultra scratch-resistant crystal class display is ideal for any sporty lifestyle, with its anti-reflective coating and water resistant technology for up to 200 metres. The stunning blue sun-ray dial with display and luminous hands is both practical and essential for everyday usage.


At Accurist, we understand that there is nothing quite like giving the gift of time to your loved ones. As a watch manufacturer, we have led the way in making watches of exceptional quality, style and reliability for over 70 years.

We are proudly British with a long tradition of distinctive style. Since launching in 1946, our ethos has never changed. Our watches are beautifully packaged to create a lasting impression of the truly British watch brand.

Take time to find the next timepiece for your collection and shop our Men’s Collection today.